Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oops, I splurged!

Sooooo there's a little thing I do called a wishlist that helps me budget on my meager paycheck.  I have an Avengers white board that I write down what I would like to buy and it it stays up there for two weeks then I set the money aside and buy it the third week.  This keeps me from spending on a whim and it has really helped me so far!  Well, today that didn't happen.  I had been eyeing these two products for about a week and caved today, buying them to test them out.

So L'OREAL has this new 'stain gloss' that's 30% water, and I liked the colors that they had and decided to start off with a light pink.  What you see there is number 182, Pink Perseverance.  It cost me about $9.50, and not worth it in my opinion.....  It feels just like that 30% water, and once it starts drying, it gets this sticky feeling that I'm not too fond of.  I might get another color if they go on sale and I find a coupon at the same time, but for a very light coverage (I could hardly see it on myself) and an awkward feeling, I'm not going to be purchasing another one anytime soon.  Plus, it took me forever to figure out how to open it haha!  
One plus to this is that (at least with the lighter colors) it is minimal opacity, therefore it would be fantastic during the spring or summer.

This is the swatch on the back of my hand with the flash cause you wouldn't be able to see it without XD
And this is how it looks on me without the flash.

Now, the other thing I splurged on was a Revlon Nail Art fingernail polish, two in one thing......  I don't normally like going for these kinds of packaging since you get much less product for a more expensive price, but the Moon Candy, as they call these pairs, were just too pretty for me to pass up!  The color I bought for about $10.50 (I'm about to pass out) is called Universe.  I love the brown colors and I'm all for sparkle on my nails.  Mind you, I'm a very messy painter, so it might not look pretty, but at least I have pictures....

Alright.  The first pic is just the main brown color by itself, and the second pic is with the glitter that is with the brown.  Two coats of the brown did the job in covering the nail and I had no issues with it streaking or globbing at all :)  The glitter addition was a bit of a pain in the butt though.  It took about 5 times to get as much glitter coverage that I wanted and the glitter started to stick to the rim of the bottle and I couldn't do anything to move it away.  Other than that, I am having a hankering to get some more of these polishes, but am going to 1) put it on my wishlist and 2) search madly for a coupon haha!  I do recommend the polish though!  It's fun and funky :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Little late Ipsy~ Haute Holiday

So, I received my bag a lot earlier than I expected, and finally had a chance to come around and make a post about it!  For those who do not know, Ipsy is a fantastic thing to sign up for :)  Formerly known as MyGlam, Ipsy sends out fantastic larger sample sizes and full size makeup and beauty products and a wonderful bag for only $10 a month!  As a makeup lover, I am always looking for ways to find a better price, and something like this, I can not only test products before I buy them, but I get to see a whole vast array of colors I would have never thought to pick out for myself.  To check it out, click HERE.

And onto the December Glam Bag!

I was happy about the bag, as always, and I was already pumped up about seeing Urban Decay and NYX in the sneak peaks, but in all honesty, this wasn't my favorite bag I have received.  The first product that I was excited to try was the Mai Couture Highlight Powder, but ended up slightly disappointed in the end.  This is with the flash which is how most people would see where I work. 
As you can see, it was too dark to use as a highlight powder for my skin, as I am pale lol!  In the end, I just use it as a bronzer so no total loss there.
The next thing is the Be a Bombshell Lipgloss and the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil!  After a previous bag, I had fallen in love with the Be a Bombshell brand, so I was happy to get another product by them!  I don't normally buy a bright red anything, but after trying this gloss, I'm quite happy with how the color looked on me!  The only problem I had was that it was a bit sticky.... I'm just used to chapstick and lipstick that the stickiness of a gloss feels very unfamiliar. It had a little tingle, which I suppose is a lip plumping agent that I didn't read about.  
Do I really need to say how much I LOVE the UD eyeliner?  I had been given a set of these pencils for Christmas last year and they are my favorite eyeliners ever!  It's a good thing I got the black too because I was running out lol!  UD is expensive, too much for me to buy two products at once, so getting this (in a full size too!) just made the whole bag.
This picture is also with the flash.

Now for the NYX loose eyeshadow and the Mirabella Primer for the face and eyes.  I love the NYX products, and had never tried the Mirabella brand before.  First, for the primer.  I did not like it, at all.  I guess that I have been spoiled with Smashbox and UD primer that I just can't seem to adjust to any other primer.  It felt oily to me and didn't seem to make much of a difference as a good primer.  Not my top product here.  I didn't even find it worth while to get a pic of it in action.... If there was any action to see.  Anyways, there is a reason I don't have a swatch for the NYX eyeshadow as well~  I HATE the packaging of these loose eyeshadows.  It's a little bottle and the only thing I can think when I see it is "How the heck and I supposed to get this on my brush without making a mess?"  

Guess what?  I made a mess........  And this was just me trying to get a swatch of the shadow... I love the color and I love NYX eyeshadows, but I just hate the packaging.... And before anyone tells me about how I can just compress it myself, I will state that I am very lazy and would rather have the packaging work without me having to put in effort to repackage the product for easier access.
All in all, if it wasn't for the UD and the Be a Bombshell, I would have been sorely disappointed in the bag this month, but this is the first time that I have ever had a bag that had anything I didn't like in it.  I still fully recommend looking into signing up for Ipsy and seeing what kind of things you can experiment with!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Forever Red Exclusively at Bath & Body Works

One last post XD  I swear lol!  So, to go along with the products that I received from Influenster, I am doing a special post for the B&BW scent I received.  Looking at what other people have reviewed it, they all say that it's a fruity smell, but either my nose is backwards or I'm smelling it all wrong haha!  I thought that it was a spicy scent, but no matter what, Forever Red, is a fantastic scent.  I just wish that it lasted a little bit longer......  The packaging is cute, and perfectly compact, so I have no issues there!  Be sure to stop on in a store and check it out!  Or visit there store online, HERE.  Let me know what you think!

Fantastic Razor Gillette® Venus® Embrace®

Sooooo. I thought that I'd do a special post about this Venus razor that I received from Influenster.  I already LOVE the Gillette brand, and had owned a Gillette Venus anyways, but I had used it sooooo much that I ended up wearing it down.

I fully recommend this brand to anyone!  Not only is it affordable (Check out prices and every other wonderful thing they have HERE)  but they have something wonderful in which any Venus blade refill fits and Venus razor handle!  It's a nice way to save some money and still keep those lovely legs of your nice and smooth.  Have any questions about the brand?  Feel free to visit the link I posted in the parenthesis above :)

Huzzah! A review!

After many months of being a member, I finally received an email asking if I would participate with Influenster!  I was soooo excited, and my excitement was well worth it!  I'm so happy to have gotten this box.  The Cosmo Voxbox 2012 had four wonderful products and I'm happy about all of them!

The first thing I had was the Venus razor blade and an Olay razor refill.  The thing that I love about the Venus brand is is the refills are interchangeable on any Venus razor!  It's a nice cost effective way to be able to look at refills and see what you are interested in and not have to worry about buying a totally new razor just to accommodate the blade you want.
After trying out both blades they had provided, I really liked the original one the razor came with.

The next items I received were some AMAZING pens!  As a writer (and an avid collector of pens, I might add) I have heard of these pens before and was elated to see these in my box!  Pilot Pen have outdone themselves :)  These pens, Frixion, as they have been called have very fluid ink and here's the best part!  It's erasable!  I have already owned 2 of these, and wrote so much with them, that I ran out of ink.  I don't think there are refills, but they aren't really expensive pens to start out with.  Anyways, these pens aren't like those that claimed to be erasable when I was younger that had the pencil eraser attached to a pen and smeared the ink everywhere.  These actually work!  It's fantastic!

 (I had to get two pens because my camera was being a jerk and not focusing on the pens.... Sorry)

Alrighty, the third that was I received was a perfume!  Now I am a fan of any Bath and Body works scent, and guess what?!?!  It was a B&BW scent ^_^  Forever Red is a really nice scent that is a bit of a stronger scent, and not too subtle until after about an hour.  It's more of a spicy seductive scent, which I love.  Anything spicy is a favorite of mine ^_^  I LOVED this scent, and will probably be buying it once I run out of this adorable bottle!

And last, but certainly not least, they sent out some Ghiradelli chocolate!  We have a neighbor who used to work for Ghiradelli and that was a fantastic time!  I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (I know, weird for a woman...) but this brand is a chocolate that I will actually eat a piece a day haha!  They send out their new Sea Salt Escape flavor, and I have seen many people shirk the idea of salt and chocolate, but DON'T!  It's fantastic.  Especially for people who don't like chocolate, like myself, it's a nice balance between salty and sweet.  Besides that, the packaging is cool!

To end all this, I must say that I am very happy with the items I received HERE. Influenster is fantastic, and I'm happy to finally become a part of it!  Be on the lookout for my next post showing what I received from Ipsy :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Been a while!

I totally had forgotten I actually had a blog O_O......  Well, now that I remembered I have this blog, I might as well put some use to it, no?  I have quite recently joined ipsy and influenster!  Now that I have some boxes, I  guess I should start doing reviews, huh?  After a few days, I'll start posting about the stuff I have received from influenster and show y'all some pictures :)  Once I get the December bag from ipsy, I'll share that with you as well!  For now, I shall just post this and go enjoy my stuff hahaha!