Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wow. It has been a little bit.

So life has been a little complicated as of late, and I can't find my camera, so I'm currently stuck with my phone and the terrible pictures it takes.  I apologize ahead of time.  And without further ado~ I have something to review!
Recently, my dad brought me something back from one of my favorite stores; Five Below.  He came back with Eggies.  I'm all over being one to try the stuff I see on infomertials, but I'm too cheap and too skeptical to try anything that I see.

It claims to be so fast and easy to make hard boiled eggs.  I know that it says to do other things, but it's main purpose is for hard boiled eggs.  Other things include, soft boiled eggs and 'omelette' eggs as they say on the back of the box.  
So far, I am not impressed.......  I don't mind the fact that there are parts you have to put together, but what I do mind is that you have to coat the insides with a non-stick spray but you can't spray the inside.  You need to spray a paper towel and wipe down the two pieces that will hold the egg.  Then you have to put them together.  After that, you must crack each egg individually and pour them into each eggie. Once you get all that done (20 minutes later), you then boil them like a regular egg.  It doesn't shorten the time it takes to cook them either.  I still had to boil them for 15 minutes for a hard boiled egg that was just a regular egg without the shell.  All that extra work was not worth it for me just so I didn't have to peel a shell off.  Not impressed, but oh well.

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