Thursday, January 24, 2013

Delightful Rot Haul Number 2~

Needless to say, I was completely impressed by Delightful Rot!  After the first review (View it HERE) I proceeded to go to the Etsy site, Click me!!!!, and order a set of my five favorites and 5 more samples.  It was a wonderful surprise to find two extra sample sizes in the package which honestly just made my day!  So, onwards to the review!

I did order the small bottle sizes of Glorious Purpose, Mewling Quim, Thor, Catwoman and Sherlock.  Feel free to check the link above labeled "HERE" to see my review on these scents!  I obviously liked them or else I wouldn't have upgraded them haha!  

Now to the samples!

So these first two I had been eyeing since my first purchase and I couldn't resist getting the samples.

Gryffindor~ "A bright, valorous scent, bursting with warm notes of verbena, mandarin, spicy jasmine and a deep amber musk."
~I really like this scent!  It reminds me of something and it nearly drives me crazy trying to think of what it reminds me of.  Some memory of my childhood, I suppose.  This one will be upgraded in the future for me!

Slytherin~ "A cauldron bubbling over with tart apple, spicy caraway and a heady cloud of dark incense smoke."
~ I have on my notes for this scent that it is exactly how I would expect Potions class to smell.  It's deep and lovely and has a spice to it that my brain is still deciding if it really really likes it, or it it's confused!  It might be upgraded once my brain figures itself out hehe

Setite~ "A slithery, seductive smell. A mixture of sweet forbidden fruit coated with snake venom and an alluring and subtle lemon-lime musk. "
~When I opened the sample, I was already in love.  This one will be getting upgraded!  I can picture myself wearing this out on a date.  The only sad thing was when I was putting the cap back on, I sneezed and dropped the sample!  I now have no more sample left, but my feet and kitchen floor smell amazing..... (*sobs*)

Tardis~ "Inspired by the famous blue police box, this scent is the interpretation of a blueberry steeped English breakfast tea."
~ This scent immediately reminded me of when I was in England after my trip to Ireland!  The little Bed and Breakfast that I had stopped in would have a cup of tea waiting for me and a lovely biscuit.  It's a sweet smelling scent, obviously, and though it brings back wonderful memories, I'm not sure how I'd handle a sweet scent all day.  I'll have to try it out and see if I'm ordering a larger size.

'67 Chevy Impala~ "A man's scent. Bay rum, spiked with graveyard dirt, gunpowder, a touch of leather and a ring of salt, with an overtone of masculine musk. "
~I like it!  This is one of those scents where on my notes I have no notes haha!  I just have a smiley face because I like it, but I really have no way to describe it!  I just know that I like it :)

Djinni~ "Be careful what you wish for. What seems sugary and charming at first, with notes of lychee, black coconut and yuzu, soon reveals to have a sinister and smoky interior, curls of copal and dark musks floating out of what seemed to be nothing but sweet."
~This is one that was fantastic to receive as a lovely gift!  I like it, and it's going to be upgraded :)  It is a fantastic scent!

Boba~ "A sweet fragrance, reminiscent of your favorite bubble tea! With notes of sweet milk, cinnamon and spice tea, and a touch of black coconut, this is a definite foodie scent, with a mild and sweet dry down."
~I love bubble tea!  This is a sweet scent that does remind me of the little bubble tea shop right down the street from me and it's delightful.  Again, like Tardis, I don't know how I'd handle a sweet scent all day, so I'll have to try it out before I get it upgraded.

That is all that I have for today!  Let me know if you have tried Delightful Rot and what scents you recommend :)  I'd love to give them a shot!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag~ Super Stars!

Guess what came in today?!?!?!  Well, I guess the title gave it away, but oh well >_>'  I received the tracking email yesterday so I presumed that it would be coming shortly, since things are a little off since Ipsy is really growing right now.  This month's bag is much better than last month's :)  I know that from reading, many people aren't happy about getting stuff that isn't makeup, but I love it because Ipsy is a beauty subscription deal..... Not a makeup deal.  I just recently chopped off 13 in of hair to get some blonde out so I can get ready to donate it, and having things that have hair care in it?  Perfect!  Onwards to the pictures!

 So, as you can see, the bag was pretty boring from the outside, but after peeking inside, I found the cutest lining!!!  I love the stars, so this month's actual bag was also better than the last.  As you can see from left to right, we have Pacifica Body Butter, Nailtini fingernail polish, Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil, Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play and in the front is a London Soho New York crease brush!

I had said in an earlier post, I love lotion and body butter and anything that leaves my skin nice and soft.  I have never tried the Pacifica brand, but I must admit that as always, Ipsy has sent me something new that I might become attached to.  The Tuscan blood orange scent is fantastic and I like how it feels when I put it on.  Absorbs quickly and it feels really good around the cuticles.
Retail price?~ $18.00
This already pays for my months subscription!

I have always liked the Big Sexy Hair  brand.  Being a person who changes hair styles A LOT, I tend to jump product to product, but this brand had always had some place in my hair care system.  I have issues with hair spray.  Being heave handed, I tend to put too much in and then it just looks like I sorted out brown straw and stuck it on my head.  This little thing is perfect for my purse and it's light enough that I get the hold and volume yet not the clumping.  And if I do get it clumped, it's not painful to sort it out with my comb.  This is not going to become a must have for my short hair!

When November (I think it was November hehe) rolled around, we received a glitter polish by Nailtini. Being the lazy person that I am, I don't usually swing towards glitter because it's a pain in the tush to get it off.....  Because of the color I got, I was willing to give this brand another shot.  I'm OK with this polish.  The color is called frappe and when I first saw it, I died a little on the inside.  I LOVE bright colors and any neutral color I have bought never worked out for me.  Nevertheless, I have put it on and have mixed opinions.  I adore the staying power of Nailtini and I like the colors that they have online as well, but I'm not so hot on this one.  What you see in the pic is 3 coats, and you can still see the whites of my nails.  Unless I do a french manicure (Which I never really do....) I don't want to see this.  I want it to be opaque.  It's a nice spring color.  That's probably the only time I'll wear it after this week at work.

I always get confused when I find a bottle with an eyedropper lol! This is Josie Maran 100% pure Argan Oil.  I'm honestly not sure what to think. I hate putting this stuff in my hair, but on the bottle's box it has this fantastic thing that tells you all the ways that you can use it!  I have adult onset acne, so that's what I tried to help with this.  No results yet, so we'll just keep on trucking.  I might just make myself a bath melt and put this in it to make a relaxing bath time!

Lastly, is the London Soho New York crease brush.  I admit, the shape of the handle is actually what caught my attention first.  It has these three little indents for better holding purposes, I guess.  This is the first time I have gotten a brush with Ipsy and I'm quite pleased.  I like the bristles and the packaging is awesome.  It even has a brush cleaning tip on the back and 4 makeup looks on the inside pamphlet!  I'm quite impressed :)

This a look I made and used this brush to help blend.  And sorry for the eyebrows XD  I was running late for an appointment hehe.  That is all that I have for today!  Visit Ipsy HERE to check it out and see what other people are saying!  Ta!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Delightful Rot Haul~

Soooo, there is this store on Etsy that I have been eyeing for a few months now called Delightful Rot.  The first thing that had caught my attention was the name, obviously, and the second thing was the names of the perfumes she had.  (VISIT THIS SHOP HERE!)  I've never bought perfume online before because I'm always skeptical of how the scent is going to be and whether or not I'm going to like it.  I must admit, creativity and attractive nerdy things are always a way to hook me.  Having put money aside, I decided to get one small bottle and some sample sizes! I am super happy she offers sample sizes because that way I don't spend the money on a full size if I'm not one to swing towards that scent, besides, her prices are amazing :)  So anyways, here are some pictures of what I ordered!

I don't have a picture of the whole package (Believe me, it was adorably wrapped)  because I was too excited when I saw the box in my mail, that i just kind of tore into it before I realized I needed pictures hehe. This was how she wrapped my samples :)  Cute, no?

There were some issues with USPS when they were first shipped, being that I had ordered so close to Christmas, that the post had lost my package.  After letting Delightful Rot know what had happened, she sent out another and a tracking number!  She was fantastic and really sweet about everything.
Anyways, onwards to the scents.
I ordered the small bottle of perfume in Loki, namely for the name.  I love anything Loki and couldn't resist.  This is the description she has on her site, "Smoke and mirrors. Notes of deep green herbs, incense smoke and a touch of frost." It is just what I was thinking it would smell like.  I love the herbal scent to it, and it reminds me of a used bookstore I would always go to as a child when this little old man who owned the store would always have incense burning in the back room.  For being the god of mischief and lies, I can picture this scent lingering in the air around him simply because in that bookstore I was the mischief maker and would grab all the books I could, spread them out on the floor and flip through all of them, forgetting to put them back up.  But that's my biggest description here hehe.  It was the scent that captured me the most.  So I shall now list the samples and the description she has on the site and let you know which ones will be being upgraded hehe.  

Thor~ "The scent of a thunderstorm. Rain, wet and heavy in the air, soaking through earth and trees alike, with a crackling note of ozone."
~Love this one!  Certainly getting upgraded.

Sherlock~  "Elementary. Based on the famous detective in literature, this scent includes a helping of pipe tobacco, spice cognac, 19th century cologne and stacks of dusty papers on old bookshelves."
~This scent will be getting upgraded so I can give one to my boyfriend for his birthday :)  I love it and wouldn't mind him smelling like it haha.

Castiel~ "A softer, clean masculine scent. A hint of frankincense, touched with heavy wet clouds and the worn cotton of a khaki trench coat. "
~I like this, but it seems more feminine to me, so I'm keeping this one for me ^_^

Mewling Quim~ "Pink grapefruit with a healthy splash of salt water and musk. "
~Loving this one!  My coworker can't keep a straight face when he hears musk, but this one is getting upgraded!

Glorious Purpose~ "A majestic combination of jeweled blood orange and fiery cinnamon."
~ I love cinnamon.  Anything that has this in it, I must have.  It's a very relaxing scent to me, therefore this one is getting upgraded as well!

Poisonous Dream~ "The blackberry musk of of a sweet dream, distorted by cool mint and black oud. "
~Out of these three Loki themed scents, this was my leas favorite, but I still liked it :)  I'm thinking of just ordering her set of these so I can get the other two hehe (Mewling Quim and Glorious Purpose)

Poison Ivy~ "Lush and seductive, blossoming with hints of mango, white peach, passion flower, dianthus and a warm amber musk, to ensnare heroes and villains alike."
~I like it, but it's a little to feminine for me.  I like the spicier scents, but this would make a great gift for my mom!

Catwoman~ (Who doesn't like the ladies of Batman?)  "A sophisticated and captivating urban scent. Feminine musk paired with just a teeny bit of sweetness, dusted over with touches of leather and catnip."
~Hahahahaha!  When I opened the package and threw out the pretty wrapping, one of my cats got into the trash and decided one of the wrappings was his new toy.  I couldn't figure out why he was all over the paper, rubbing it and chewing on it, until I saw the catnip in the description lol!  Needless to say, as a woman with four cats, I have to upgrade this and hope my cats don't try to eat me alive....

Creeper~ "Ssssss... That's a nice everything you have... A powder keg stuffed with sweet lime and grass, this scent is innocuous at first with a smoky, spicy undertone."
~This description cracks me up XD  It's a nice clean scent (Hey, the creepers are the ones you least expect!) but I'm not sure if I'm going to be ordering a bigger version or not.

Blood Bath~ "A sexy, romantic bath with a vampire. Crisp water soaked with rose petals and a trickle of blood and musk."
~ She leaves a note saying how there is no actual blood in here lol.  I'm always iffy when it comes to a scent with roses because my ex boyfriend's mother always wore rose perfume and after a while it was either her perfume or obnoxious personality that made me slightly sick.  I like the scent, but this memory would prevent me from ordering a larger size.

Lastly, Cantina Band~ "A bawdy, raucous scent. A mix of smoky air and scuffed wood bar, dusty boots, aliens musks and the sweet molasses edge of rye liquor."
~I'm not sure what to think of this one..... I like it and then I'm confused and then I'm lost......  My boyfriend loves it, but for some reason my on edginess of this scent literally leaves me confused while I spend my time trying to think of whether or not I like it haha!

That's all I have!   Sorry this review was so long, I had a lot on my hand!  Let me know what you think and I highly recommend this seller to anyone!!!!!!  Again, visit the store HERE.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Neutrogena Hand Cream review!

I was happy to be receiving this in the mail a few weeks ago!  Then again, I'm always happy to be getting free stuff.... Who wouldn't?  Anywho, BzzAgent sent me this box with the Neutrogena hand cream to review and after posting a review on their web page (You can visit and sign up HERE if you like!) I can now post my thoughts here!
This is what they sent me along with a little pamphlet about what Neutrogena is and what I needed to look for in my testing.  After giving a sample to my mother and bringing in the rest of the sample sizes into work and passing them out, I kept the big one for myself and told everyone to start testing along with me!  I have always loved any kind of hand cream since I do a lot of physical stuff with my hands such as chopping wood, and archery and target practice and shelving books and I could go on and on :P  Neutrogena was no different!  This is the Norwegian formula of their hand creams and at $5.00 a bottle, it's not too bad of a price to begin with, but having it sent to me for free is even better!
After using it for a couple of weeks, I can say that I am quite impressed with this!  It really softened my hands and helped around the cuticles which I have issues with anyway.  There was no noticeable scent so it is wonderful for men and women alike!  The only thing I don't really like is how it feels when I first put it on, but it absorbs rather quickly, so there are no issues there and I still fully recommend this brand to anyone!  Anyone else try this?  Let me know!