Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting better :)

Today is the first day in a week that I haven't had a fever!  Still have a hacking cough and feel tired and sore, but at least I'm no longer contagious and can go back to work tomorrow!  Despite the padre being a recent pain after not informing the madre or myself that the nephews are coming over on Friday for the whole weekend (leaving Madre and I to clean the entire house during out 'supposed' rest time), I was delightfully surprised to get a package today!
The lovely owner of this blog, HERE, who I also happen to know in person, was amazing and sent me a 'Get Well" package.  Very sweet, and truly appreciated.  After my alarming discovery at my lack of coloring books, I now have a couple to keep me busy, and some tea and honey to help my sore throat :)

Thank you sooooo much!  It really did make my day, since I totally forgot that you were sending something!

On another note, mother came home from the yarn store today, and with my hours of working earlier in the month, I hadn't been able to stop by for a while and missed going there for my birthday.  Well, when she came home, I was handed another package and found these goodies in them~

A cute little tape measure and four Avenger chibi characters!  Yay :)  Turns out it was a belated birthday present from one of the lovely ladies at knit night!   

All in all, today has turned out pretty well!  Hopefully will be back up and blogging about exercise in the next couple of weeks when I can get back to it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Delayed start~

So a couple weeks into having my membership at Planet Fitness, I have been diligently going and working out with the schedule the trainer had set up for me.  However, on Tuesday I started getting a cough and therefore ended up not going so I wouldn't cough all over the equipment.  I am currently sitting in bed with the flu, had to take off yesterday and today from work, which sucks since I get paid by the hour and I only got in 7 hours this week.....
Ended up going to the hospital last night because my temp reached 103 and I started having convulsions.  At around 11pm, I was finally sent home and am now sitting in bed, coughing, shivering, boiling and bored.  What really stinks is that I don't have a coloring book since I already finished all the ones I have and I can't do much else because my body simply wont move to do anything else.
All in all, I have ended up bringing my computer upstairs to my room (Zapping what energy I had for the day) and am watching youtube makeup and cat videos.  Apparently this is what cheers me up.  You have any other suggestions on what to watch before my drugs kick in yet again, I am all ears. (Though in is currently clogged, so write to my left ;D)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Obstacle Course Day!

Today was fantastic!  I'm totally sore, but it's totally worth it.  Went to Treetop Quest today and that was a total workout!  This place is amazing!  There is only one at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.  To see a little about the center, click HERE. They have fantastic programs that are always going on and the people who work there are so nice and helpful.  To see what Treetop Quest is all about, check it out HERE!

Basically, it's an obstacle course in the trees.  They have five different levels of difficulty, starting off with course 1 being the easiest and working its way up.  I can't do the first course simply because I'm too tall, but the other courses are a delightful challenge.  In my opinion, the 4th course is the hardest because it's not all about strength, it incorporates balance and rhythm :)  I'm excited!  For Christmas, my mother got me a Seasons Pass, so I can go whenever they are open for free.  This along with my Planet Fitness membership are truly going to help me get into the shape I want and need!

Here are some pictures I took of my time in the trees!  They do not recommend taking a camera with you, but it is not against the rules to do so.

Down to 168!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Finally had some time :)

So today was the only annoying day at work, but at least I got in a good bit of exercise!  Jumped on the scale this morning for my weekly weight in and found out I have dropped five pounds since last week, so that was a fantastic way to start my day.  I'll be posting some pictures of some of the food I have been eating haha, but for now I shall share this really nice and simple recipe for a smoothie that cost me less than $3.

Click HERE!  I was able to get everything at Aldi's and the ingredient list lasts for a few days so I can make one smoothie after another and not have to worry about going to the store time and time again :)

Anyways, I also signed up for Planet Fitness just yesterday and my first trip there was after work today.  I must say that I'm quite impressed.  The staff have been super friendly so far as well as the guests!  They are very very very clean and though I think it a bit hypocritical of their 'judgement free zone' I must say I truly like the idea!  I love how there was no one of the same shape or same age in there so I'm excited to really get working out there rather than just mulling on the treadmill wondering if I'm working the machine properly.......

So on that note, I'm heading to bed to go and do Treetop Quest tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm falling behind!

Terribly sorry everyone!  I've been quite busy lately and just recently got hit with a sudden and lasting motivation to loose some weight.  Along with my makeup reviews, I'm going to be doing some vlog posts that have to do with my weight loss journey :)  I'm certainly not expecting it to be easy and I want to encourage others who might be as lazy as I am to get up and go!
I have missed an ipsy post and a couple things from BzzAgent, but I plan on getting back on the ball and keeping up (hopefully daily if not every other day) with both reviews of makeup, food and my journey in life :)
Have a blessed day!!!