Saturday, March 9, 2013

Obstacle Course Day!

Today was fantastic!  I'm totally sore, but it's totally worth it.  Went to Treetop Quest today and that was a total workout!  This place is amazing!  There is only one at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.  To see a little about the center, click HERE. They have fantastic programs that are always going on and the people who work there are so nice and helpful.  To see what Treetop Quest is all about, check it out HERE!

Basically, it's an obstacle course in the trees.  They have five different levels of difficulty, starting off with course 1 being the easiest and working its way up.  I can't do the first course simply because I'm too tall, but the other courses are a delightful challenge.  In my opinion, the 4th course is the hardest because it's not all about strength, it incorporates balance and rhythm :)  I'm excited!  For Christmas, my mother got me a Seasons Pass, so I can go whenever they are open for free.  This along with my Planet Fitness membership are truly going to help me get into the shape I want and need!

Here are some pictures I took of my time in the trees!  They do not recommend taking a camera with you, but it is not against the rules to do so.

Down to 168!