Friday, March 22, 2013

Delayed start~

So a couple weeks into having my membership at Planet Fitness, I have been diligently going and working out with the schedule the trainer had set up for me.  However, on Tuesday I started getting a cough and therefore ended up not going so I wouldn't cough all over the equipment.  I am currently sitting in bed with the flu, had to take off yesterday and today from work, which sucks since I get paid by the hour and I only got in 7 hours this week.....
Ended up going to the hospital last night because my temp reached 103 and I started having convulsions.  At around 11pm, I was finally sent home and am now sitting in bed, coughing, shivering, boiling and bored.  What really stinks is that I don't have a coloring book since I already finished all the ones I have and I can't do much else because my body simply wont move to do anything else.
All in all, I have ended up bringing my computer upstairs to my room (Zapping what energy I had for the day) and am watching youtube makeup and cat videos.  Apparently this is what cheers me up.  You have any other suggestions on what to watch before my drugs kick in yet again, I am all ears. (Though in is currently clogged, so write to my left ;D)


  1. PM me your mailing address and I'll send you get well goodies. Or add it to my Postable

    1. That Postable thing is cool :) Just posted XD

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