Friday, March 8, 2013

Finally had some time :)

So today was the only annoying day at work, but at least I got in a good bit of exercise!  Jumped on the scale this morning for my weekly weight in and found out I have dropped five pounds since last week, so that was a fantastic way to start my day.  I'll be posting some pictures of some of the food I have been eating haha, but for now I shall share this really nice and simple recipe for a smoothie that cost me less than $3.

Click HERE!  I was able to get everything at Aldi's and the ingredient list lasts for a few days so I can make one smoothie after another and not have to worry about going to the store time and time again :)

Anyways, I also signed up for Planet Fitness just yesterday and my first trip there was after work today.  I must say that I'm quite impressed.  The staff have been super friendly so far as well as the guests!  They are very very very clean and though I think it a bit hypocritical of their 'judgement free zone' I must say I truly like the idea!  I love how there was no one of the same shape or same age in there so I'm excited to really get working out there rather than just mulling on the treadmill wondering if I'm working the machine properly.......

So on that note, I'm heading to bed to go and do Treetop Quest tomorrow!

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