Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting better :)

Today is the first day in a week that I haven't had a fever!  Still have a hacking cough and feel tired and sore, but at least I'm no longer contagious and can go back to work tomorrow!  Despite the padre being a recent pain after not informing the madre or myself that the nephews are coming over on Friday for the whole weekend (leaving Madre and I to clean the entire house during out 'supposed' rest time), I was delightfully surprised to get a package today!
The lovely owner of this blog, HERE, who I also happen to know in person, was amazing and sent me a 'Get Well" package.  Very sweet, and truly appreciated.  After my alarming discovery at my lack of coloring books, I now have a couple to keep me busy, and some tea and honey to help my sore throat :)

Thank you sooooo much!  It really did make my day, since I totally forgot that you were sending something!

On another note, mother came home from the yarn store today, and with my hours of working earlier in the month, I hadn't been able to stop by for a while and missed going there for my birthday.  Well, when she came home, I was handed another package and found these goodies in them~

A cute little tape measure and four Avenger chibi characters!  Yay :)  Turns out it was a belated birthday present from one of the lovely ladies at knit night!   

All in all, today has turned out pretty well!  Hopefully will be back up and blogging about exercise in the next couple of weeks when I can get back to it!


  1. YAY! Wow, kudos to the USPS, that was fast! :)
    It would have been more fun for me to just surprise you with it completely unexpectedly, but dorky me didn't have your mailing address and couldn't come up with a more creative/surreptitious way to acquire it than asking you directly "Hey, I need you to give me your address." LOL

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